As-salamu alaykum, By the grace of Allah, Northwest Dawah Foundation has been able to do impactful work through our Dawah efforts in 2021, including traveling a majority of the area of the Oregon and SW Washington. Our street dawah tabling is reaching countless people each month to tell them about Islam and helping to dispel misconceptions. Our team is also regularly visiting jails and prisons to ensure incarcerated Muslims have access to a copy of the Quran and other Islamic reading materials and in order to provide them support and visits. We also offer Quran to non-Muslims who are incarcerated so that they can learn about Islam. We continue to partner with masajid to accept referrals from them of people who contact them interested in Islam and regularly meet with such individuals in the community just like at our dawah tables, we have had people take shahada. But our work doesn’t just stop at a person taking shahada as we also mentor them and provide ongoing wrap-around new Muslim support, meeting the unique and individual needs of each new Muslim we work with. We also provide dawah materials and have dawah material kiosks in smaller masajid that otherwise lack the funding to secure such materials themselves. The Northwest Dawah Foundation Majlis Ash-Shura invites you to make a donation to both sustain our efforts and allow our efforts to continue to grow. This year we have an ambitious fundraising goal of raising $12,000 which will allow us to not just sustain our efforts but to grow them. We are a 100% volunteer organization so every dollar raised goes directly to our efforts.

Please donate generously. We offer the option to make a one-time or recurring donation. Please also keep all of our volunteers in your dua and if you are interested in volunteering, please let us know! Click here to make a donation today!



Nasir Al-Amreeki

On Behalf of the Northwest Dawah Foundation Majlis Ash-Shura


Published On: April 2, 2022 / Categories: Announcements, Fundraising /

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