Our Street Dawah Program is currently taking a pause due to inclement weather. While we do street dawah in a variety of conditions, including in light rain, the current weather patterns have been heavy rain with flooding in some areas. These conditions are not ideal for doing street dawah as it can damage our materials, drench our volunteers, and deter those interested in Islam from visiting our table to talk to us due to the risk of getting soaked.

We will be continuing to closely monitor local and regional weather conditions to find an opening for us to resume street dawah tabling and maybe alternate from our normal Saturdays to a different day of the week if we find suitable conditions for tabling another day of the week.

All of our other activities and program areas continue as normal without any impact.

Published On: November 6, 2022 / Categories: Announcements, Dawah NW / Tags: , , , , , , , , /

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